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Michael Shives

PhD Candidate – CFD-Oceangraphic Model Integration for Tidal Farm Layout; MASc (2010-2012) Hydrodynamic Modeling, Optimization and Performance Assessment for Ducted and Non-ducted Tidal Turbines
Work Phone: 250 721 8699
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I am researching using Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) simulations to predict the power output of tidal turbine farms in real-world tidal channels. This requires obtaining boundary conditions from a regional-scale oceanographic simulation e.g. FVCOM. My specific areas of interest are: 1) validating and adapting turbulence models to obtain accurate wake recovery predictions, 2) determining “coarse-grid” methods to minimize computational expense while retaining an adequate level of model fidelity, 3) interfacing a CFD code with an oceanographic hydrodynamics code, 4) determining how to predict the turbine farms’ annual energy prediction (AEP) without having to run a year worth of simulation (i.e. by an appropriate binning strategy for different flow conditions).

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