Current Projects

Wind Energy

  • Lagrangian aerodynamic rotor analysis
  • Coupled aero-structural optimization of wind turbine rotors
  • Unsteady wind turbine design
  • Floating offshore wind turbine design
  • Robustness/reliability-based micro-mechanical modeling of composite blades
  • Field testing of small wind turbine rotors
  • WindEEE Dome

Tidal Energy

  • Water tunnel testing of tidal turbines
  • Variable fidelity computational tools for tidal farm layout
  • Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre

Wave Energy

  • High-fidelity fluid-structures analysis of wave energy devices
  • SPH simulation of wave energy devices
  • Wave energy device mooring line configuration and PTO impacts

Energy Systems Analysis

  • Probabilistic energy system modeling
  • Demand response approaches to facilitate renewables integration
  • BC LNG Policy: A net CO2 benefit?
  • Energy system modeling for remote integrated aquaculture site


  • Plug-in vehicle integration with renewables in BC
  • Optimization of plug-in hybrid vehicle drivetrains considering variable driving environment
  • Optimal real-time control of hybrid vehicle drivetrains
  • Advanced MDO capabilities for greener aircraft design